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Monday, 29 October 2012

Blush Cosmetics Palettes

Hi all!

Firstly I just want to say a big thank you to everybody who's had a read of my blog and shared their opinions! I've received some really good feedback about my previous blogs and I'm getting lots of coverage in countries I've never even heard of so I'm really pleased! I know the title of this blog is really long and will cover a few different products but they're all really cheap & handy products from the same website so I'm going to try and cover them all in one go without over powering your mind!

I've been looking into doing some more makeup courses and being a typical female, my makeup collection was obviously no where near big enough and needed a huge extension if I was going to even consider going professional. So, naturally I went straight to MAC, Smashbox and Inglot's websites to see how much it would cost me to get everything I need to start practicing. After having a minor heart attack at the price of starting out with a full professional makeup kit (around £600/£700!) and eventually talking myself out of applying for a credit card to get myself up and running I started trawling the internet for better offers.

Now, don't get me wrong, these products aren't on a par with MAC or any other top brands of cosmetics but if you're looking to practice doing makeup on others or even if you just love doing your own makeup at home these are a serious must have!

All palettes featured in this blog are £9.99 inc VAT from Blush Cosmetics - P&P applies but they're delivery is so fast and normally comes within 1 or 2 days! They're really well packaged as well and I've never had a damaged product.

Blusher Palette

This is my favourite out of all the palettes because I'm a big fan of PINK cheeks! This is great for
blending different colours and changing your look from day to evening by using a slightly darker blusher for a smoky effect. I use MAC 129 Powder⁄Blush Brush (£26.00 from Selfridges) to apply the Blushers because no matter how cheap the product is, you can always get it to look just as expensive if you use a good brush to apply it! I always apply to the apples of my cheeks and then brush up towards my ears to get an even look on both sides.

This palette is £9.99 inc VAT from Blush Cosmetics which is an absolute bargain! I use them every day and they've barely worn down at all. For saying how cheap they are, they're really highly pigmented and you barely need any on the blush to get quite an obvious colour. I wear the bright pinks on a daily basis and add a touch of the brown colour (bottom right) if I'm going out in the evening. Each circle of blusher works out less than £1 each so I'm sure you'll agree, this is a great buy if you love experimenting with different colours!

Eyeshadow Palettes

There's quite a few different eyeshadow palettes to choose from, all at £9.99 each. I found it too hard to pick between each one so I ended up buying two!

This is the one I bought first - the 88 colour palette and I'm really happy with it! Some of the colours are matte, some are sparkly and some have a creamy texture to them so it's great for creating different looks for day or evening wear. I tend to stick to the left / right hand side of the palette and don't really use the eccentric colours in the middle but again, they're all very highly pigmented and last a really long time. I found I have to apply a base coat on my lids first to get the best wear out of them. I recommend 'Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Primer' or 'Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Candlelight' if you're looking for a sparkly effect - £16.50 each from LookFantastic.com. The palette comes with a mirror attached to the inside of the lid and two double-ended applicators. I found the applicators to be quite stiff and I ended up crushing a few of the circles of eyeshadow by accident! Thankfully they were the bright greens so I can't say I was too upset. But to avoid this, try to invest in a good blending / applicator brush. I use MAC 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush (£19.00 from MAC or Selfridges). The brush is for applying and for blending so that's one less brush you need to pay for!
As I wasn't using any of the brighter colours, I decided my next purchase would be a more neutral palette that I can get plenty of use out of so I went for the 28 colour Neutral Palette, again at £9.99 but the eyeshadows are a lot larger in size to make up for the fact you're not getting as many.

 Here's the Neutral palette that is basically a palette of light - dark brown eyeshadows. Most of these are matte but there are a couple of shimmery ones that look great for a different edge on the smokey eye. The black eyeshadow (bottom right) is very pigmented and quite hard to smudge in if you don't have a good base on your eyelids and a decent brush!

The first two columns of the palette are my favourite and I use these every day for a barely visable colour that just brightens my eyes enough to make me look human in the morning! I apply the white in the corner of my eye using my finger and pull it upwards around the socket and blend it out along my eyebrow for a slight glow and also to make my eyes look wider. The colour above the white is great for an all-over eyelid colour if you just want something really natural looking. It gives a really nice sheen to your lids and blends great with the light brown (two eyeshadows across) in the crease of the eyelid for a delicate shadow. To change this to an evening look, lightly apply a darker brown to the outer edge of the eyelid and blend gently into the middle of the lid and very lightly tap your brush into the black and smudge into the outer edge of the lid crease for a really classy smokey eye look that works with any outfit. (Video blog coming soon!)

Why not give this method a try with some of your favourite eyeshadows and let me know what you think? I'd love to know your opinion!

Lipgloss Palette

Now, I'm not a massive fan of lipgloss because it tends to dry my lips out and I can't stand the sticky texture that you get with most glosses - even the expensive ones! I decided to get this palette for practicing on models in preparation for makeup courses but ended up using it quite a lot over the top of my MAC lipsticks if I'm going out.

The lipglosses are quite pale in colour when you put them on despite how bright they look in the palette which to me is a really good thing because it means they won't overpower your favourite lipstick underneath. Much to my surprise they're not as sticky as lipgloss that comes in a tube and have a texture that I can only describe as being like vaseline. It gives a gentle shine and a neutral look when used alone without feeling like your lips are glued together! The white/silver colour in the top left looks great when dabbed gently over a pale pink lipstick because it makes your lips really shimmery and girly! This palette is also £9.99 and a great buy if you're a lover of lipgloss or just looking to experiment like me!

Contouring / Blush Palette

I have to admit, I've only used this palette once and that was when I was doing my halloween makeup the other day! The white powder applies really smoothly over the top of any foundation or just on bare skin for a spooky look if you're doing scary fancy dress makeup! It's actual purpose, along with the light pink, is to highlight the face around the eyes and t-zone (the centre of your forehead, the bridge of your nose and the indent of your chin) I will elaborate on this at some point when I do a review on my cream highlighter which is much better!

The light and dark brown in the middle of the palette are for use around your temples, underneath your cheekbones and around the jawline and even your nose if you have larger features. I'm not going to elaborate on this just yet because I plan on doing a video blog to show you all exactly how to use them because they can be a useless addition to your makeup bag if you're not sure how to do it properly. A lot of the video blogs I've seen on how to contour and highlight properly are quite vague and don't go into enough detail for different face shapes so I'll try and make it as simple as possible so you're not all confused like I was!

Concealer Palette

Obviously being a snowflake I am extremely limited to what colours I can actually use on myself but I did purchase this for practice on all different skin colours and it's great for that because you can blend them to get the perfect match. The three really light colours in the first column are the corrective concealers for redness and blemished that you apply before putting on your concealor for the ultimate coverage. The palest one is the second circle down in the second column and is still slightly too dark for my skin so I mix it with a little bit of the green corrective concealer and apply underneath my foundation to hide any nasty red marks!

The concealers are all really thick and require a little bit of time before you can apply anything over the top of them otherwise you just wipe them off. If I'm in a rush I just dab a little bit of powder over the top of it to set it before I put on my foundation. If I'm applying concealer over a spot I always use my finger (after I've washed my hands of course!) and I use MAC 195 concealer brush (£17.00 from MAC or Selfridges) for covering the annoying red marks I have on my cheeks! 

So there you have it guys! A few lovely little palettes to add to your collection if you're looking to do it on the cheap! Possibly the most long-winded blog I will ever do but I felt I needed to get them all into one blog so I'm not bombarding posts onto the page - apologies in advance for any sneaky typos that I've missed in proof reading. Video blogs will follow shortly which I will definitely need your opinion on - this is a new thing for me so hopefully you will like them. Again, let me know what you think of the blog and if you've got any of the palettes please do share your opinions with me!

I'm going to start taking requests very soon so if there's any products out there you're looking at buying but aren't quite sure, throw it my way and I'll look into reviewing the most popular requests!

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

I'm so excited about reviewing this product that I've decided to do it today despite the fact I've only just done my Clarins review! Now, I can safely say I am actually in LOVE with this so brace yourselves for an extremely enthusiastic read.

I've lost count on the amount of girlies who have asked me what foundation I use and how I get it to stay on all day. Being a makeup addict I have to admit that I do tend to wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis purely because I love the 'dolled up' look and like to feel and look my best every day. I've successfully convinced 4 girls to scrap their tacky water-based foundations for this and now it's time to convert the rest of you!

This is the God of all foundations and I seriously do worship it - it's affordable, it lasts for at least a month (and that's coming from me who could easily apply 3 inches a day!), it doesn't make me look like a reject from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory unlike most foundations that claim to be 'porcelein' or 'fair' (LIES!), it's really easy to apply & doesn't even need powder over the top of it!

Can I get a Hallelujah?!

There it is. My best and most loyal friend. 100 Fair is the lightest colour they do and might be a little too pale for most of you but for us pale folk it's perfect! They do seven shades and they're really easy to blend too so if you're struggling to find a match, why not buy two and mix them on the back of your hand for the perfect colour. I know, I know, that's DOUBLE the price...but consider it an investment! Trust me, you won't regret it.


I have the worlds best foundation brush from the Bodyshop (£22.00) that works so well with light coverage foundations but unfortunately doesn't get on so well with this beauty. I've tried applying it with sponges and pads but nothing works quite as well as using your fingers! If you read some reviews online a lot of them advise you not to use your fingers because you can't get an even coverage; well I strongly disagree. Coming from a girl who's applied foundation by hand for the past 8 years, it really is the easiest way and still looks amazing. People are actually shocked on how bad my skin really is when they see me without my 'face' on because this foundation is so good at making you look like you've got a really good complexion, even if you've got acne prone skin.

The texture of the foundation is very thick but do not be hisheartened! You can get a really natural coverage and build it up as you go to get a completely full, flawless cover. It works really well as a day or evening makeup and stays on all night. I've applied this foundation ready to go out at about 6.00pm and rolled in at 4:00am and it still looks freshly applied! I apply it all over, leave it to 'dry' a little bit and then I go over my nose, blemishes and red patches to make sure it's all covered. I don't even have to use concealer on my spots because this does it for me! That's one less expense for my bank and more room in my makeup bag! If that's not sold it to you then I don't know what will.

This God send will set you back £9.99 in Boots or if you're like me and always looking for good deals, why not try Blush Cosmetics who sell it for £7.99 - that's not even a special offer! Obviously there's P&P involved here but I recommend taking a look at their palettes too if you're looking for a cheap but amazing addition to your makeup collection! (Palettes to appear on my next blog!)

As I've already mentioned, this is a matte foundation but if you do have really oily skin like me, wait for the foundation to dry properly and add some Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder onto the top of it (as previously mentioned in the Airbase blog) for a more flawless look that lasts even longer!

So there's my very enthusiastic (bordering hysterical) blog on my absolute must-have foundation. You must be convinced by now? If not, please tell me why! All comments welcome as usual!

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Clarins Cleanser & Toner - Oily/Combination skin

Now I know what you're thinking; why am I reviewing Clarins when most of the people who are going to read this blog probably don't think they can afford it or think it's overpriced and overrated?

Well bloggers, if there's one blog on here that you pay attention to then let it be this one! Forget saving up for a holiday or a car or that gorgeous pair of shoes and invest in these two life savers. At a slightly painful price of £15 each (eek!) I understand that a lot of people would immediately be put off and be forced to buy horrendously cheap alcoholic skin care instead. If this is you; STOP. If I haven't changed your mind by the end of this blog then I give you full permission to ruin your lovely skin with cheap products. Do me a favour and read on!

The earlier you start on a good beauty regime the better. And what better way to start than with Clarins! Admittedly, they are renowned for being one of the more pricey, upmarket brands on the market but I can assure you there is a reason why this duo are so expensive!

I have tried so many products over the years for my spot-prone oily skin and can actually say that using these two twice a day (morning and evening) every day has made such a noticable difference to the feel and complexion of my skin, even without makeup. I've been through all of the cheaper brands thinking 'they'll do the same job, the pricey ones are just a rip off' but that's where I went wrong for maaaany years. Infact, the cheaper products are more likely to irritate your skin with all of their harsh chemicals and make your skin blotchy and sometimes even sting your face. It's so important to use a good cleanser and toner, especially if you use them to remove eye makeup because the skin around your eyes is so sensitive and always the first to wrinkle - we want to avoid this for as long as

When I first started using it I never had a 'method' of how I cleansed and toned my face, I just kind of scrubbed the cotton wool all over and assumed it was doing the trick. It wasn't until I went to buy my second lot of life-savers and got chatting to the Clarins respresentative that I realised I was doing it totally wrong. How can you possibly cleanse and tone wrong I hear you say? Well listen to this. The poor lady had a heart attack when I told her I just wiped it all over my face and went about my day as normal. "No, no no!" she shouted, whilst shaking her head. "You must work gently doooowwwwn the face starting from your forehead, down your t-zone and finally working out to your cheeks and neck!" If you're anything like me, you'll be thinking "what difference does it make?! And why on earth would I cleanse and tone my neck?!" But trust me, it really did make a difference! That night, I removed my makeup with a babywipe (I didn't tell the hysterical Clarins lady I did this because I think that would tipped her over the edge) and menouvred my cotton wool exactly as instructed and I was quite amazed at what happened. The wool was BLACK! It removes all of the trapped dirt and oil from your face that ordinary wipes don't reach. Just like the crazy lady said, it works so much better when you do it gently, in circular motions from the t-zone, down and outwards. I repeated the regimented process using the toner and it felt lovely. It gives a slightly tingly-clean sensation and I felt like I'd had a luxury facial! I sometimes go over my neck as she instructed but to be honest, most of the time I forget. If you're reading this crazy Clarins lady, I am sorry.
After two weeks of using them morning and evening in the same way I'd been taught I noticed a real significant difference in my complexion. My skin was clearer, my complexion was even and I started using less foundation because I no longer needed it. The oilyness of my skin died down dramatically and my powder now lasts ages because I don't need to top up throughout the day trying to hide any shiny patches. It was a miracle! FINALLY A PRODUCT THAT WORKS!

So, have I changed your mind yet? Even if I haven't fully convinced you, I really think you should try it for yourself or even go to the Clarins counter in Boots and ask for some samples - that's how I get started on most of my pricey products. The samples are good for a couple of days use which gives a good indication as to whether you get on with the product and like how it feels on your skin and how it smells - all of these factors are important because if you hate how it feels then you're not going to want to use it and spending £30 will be a waste.

If I have convinced you then welcome to the bright side! If you want to buy it then it is £15 for each item in Boots or if you're a fan of online shopping, why not try Personal Pharmacy who are offering the dynamic duo for £25.00 rather than the RRP of £30.00. Every little helps!

So there's my blog to help my fellow oily skinned spot prone amigos. Comment and let me know what you think, especially if you've tried them yourselves and have a different opinion or if you agree! All comments welcome! Look out for my next blog where I'll be reviewing my favourite foundation of all time, and this time it's AFFORDABLE! Huzzah!

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Airbase - Professional Airbrush Makeup

Afternoon bloggers!

It's time for my first official post! And what better place to start than a product I have been trained and practicing in myself for the past couple of weeks - Airbase.

Some of you may have heard of Airbase and know all about it, but for those of you who don't, prepare to be amazed!

Airbase is a revolutionary airbrush used to apply foundation and blusher that makes your skin look absolutely flawless for hours on end, without the need to reapply. It's that good it is being used on film, TV and in the professional makeup industry and actually featured on all of the X-Factor Contestants faces this year! It is a sillicone based formula (foundation / blusher / bronzer) that is applied at varying pressures through an airbrush directly onto the clients skin with minimal preparation.

I had my training in Airbase at their head office in Nottingham earlier this month and fell in love with it straight away. It is simple and easy to use and much quicker than applying ordinary foundation with a brush or fingers. Sometimes I feel that if you don't invest in a good brush you can be left with streak marks in your foundation which, as I'm sure you'll all agree, is NOT a good look! Well, with the airbrush you get no gaps and no streaks. Just absolutely flawless buildable coverage with every application.

I purchased the home-use kit to start me off as it is very pricey to buy the professional starter kit. (home use kit - £195 inc VAT, professional starter kit £420 inc VAT [but this does include the stage 1 training at an academy of your choice] ). The home-use kit includes the airbrush, compressor and two foundations of your choice or a foundation and a blusher. I went with Foundation 00 (practically white) and Foundation 02 (light-medium) so I can mix them together to get the right colour as I am extremely pale. Foundation 01 is more of an orange colour which didn't suit my skin at all. The foundation comes out of the bottles in drops so you can easily monitor the amount you put into the canister for a perfect mix every time. Once you've mixed up your perfect colour in the canister you simply start spraying onto your own or your clients face - it's as simple as that!

Now, I've heard mixed reviews on Airbase and I have to say, it is more of a professional product and may not be suitable for those of you who are just looking to perfect your own day look and not practicing on others. However, if you're considering a career in makeup or looking to add an amazing product to your makeup collection then I strongly advise getting this. You can purchase directly from the website but I recommend having the training too as they show you how to look after your airbrush, how to mix colours correctly, how to cover blemishes/tattoos/rosacia on skin and other things you may not even consider or learn by just doing it yourself. You get a free training manual worth £15 and an Airbase badge and certificate to show you've qualified and you're under no obligation to purchase any products.

Like lots of you out there, I have a very oily t-zone and am yet to find a cleanser/toner and foundation to completely solve this problem (next blog will elaborate on this point!). I found that when I applied a primer underneath Airbase foundation it gave a very sheeny appearance which I don't really like on my own skin as I've always gone for the matte look. So to solve this problem I apply airbase with no primer, just sprayed directly onto my cleansed skin. It stays on very well and, although advised not to in training, looks really good with a small amount of pressed powder applied over the top (Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder £4.95 in Boots).

So there we have it! My first review! I know it may seem a little vague but I'm kind of in a rush to get this one finished so I can see what it looks like and have a proper read through. Please, please, please comment with any thoughts or advice and anything you want to read about for my next review.

Before and after photos of Airbase makeover to follow shortly!

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Hello guys!

My name's Abbie and after lots of requests and much deliberation I've decided to start up my own blog for reviews, tips and tricks on all the latest beauty and makeup products on the market from hair products, to nail wraps, to professional makeup - I will be reviewing it all so you can have an idea on what's hot and what's...well, not!

To start with I'm just going to be reviewing my favourite products to see what kind of response I get and whether it will be worthwhile spending money to review products by request.

I hope you like my posts and feel free to comment on your thoughts and opinions or anything else you think I should be adding into my reviews. Also, I welcome any contradicting opinions, it's always good to know how other people get on with a product.

Can I just point out (to those of you who may take these reviews literally!) my reviews are based on my opinions only!

Thanks for visiting guys! Feel free to tweet / share / re-blog me so your friends can come look too!